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30 Seconds to Mars are my latest favorite rock band (even though Jared Leto seems to be intent on being the male Lady Gaga, when it comes to fashion)-with most of that likeness attributed to Hurricane and the amazingly well-structured album: This is War. 

So consider my dismay when I knew they were going to be playing in Abu Dhabi on March 11- a concert that I cannot go to simply because I live in Beirut!

*Insert Jared-Leto-style-scream here* 

I can bitch for days and days about how here in Lebanon, we only get the crappiest  groups to play because the general population here seems to think that raves and electronic beats are music. I can bitch for days on end about how even when the above-mentioned events happen, they’re mostly unorganized, drink-infested, with no control over minors/legal age of drinking.

But perhaps my biggest gripe with these events is the ridiculous costs they charge! I know that a lot of hard work and effort goes into these events and the artists themselves only get a meager portion of the earnings. That’s very reasonable and understandable.  

The thing is though, we don’t need to have all those flashy strobe-lights, the loud sound system, and all the other things that the concert promoters throw in to make the concert an “experience.


No one believes that the above-mentioned experience could simply be the audience and the artist sharing their connection and love for music in a completely simplified setting, which would a- decrease the costs of tickets and b- make the whole event unforgettable. 

Back to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. General admittance tickets are being sold for 150 AED- roughly converting to 40 USD. For double that, you can be in the fan pit! That’s still less than 100 USD. 

Let’s see what 40 bucks will let you do at a normal event in Lebanon?!

Yesterday, I posted the original video clip to 30 Seconds To Mars’ Hurricane, not knowing that it contained a lot of images and references that have caused it to be banned from the music televisions. Blame my internet speed on not letting me watch the 13 minute video before posting.

The cinematography is amazing and  Jared Leto’s direction is fantastic. I can really understand the weirdness of the whole video, though I don’t really think one could figure out the link between the clip and the song instantly.

I can’t post it here because of a little something called morality and beliefs. SORA is all about creativity and inspiration but the themes are a bit too much for the average reader. To be honest, I only watched it out of extreme curiosity, and you know what they say

Curiosity killed the cat

I couldn’t pass up on sharing the song however because I have been totally obsessed with it this weekend- especially after seeing the Europe Music Award performance with Kanye West. This is a slightly acoustic version that I really liked but nothing beats the original, or even the version with West.

If you really want to see the video, both censored and uncensored versions are wildly available on youtube, and so are the various interpretations of it.

Studying With Music in the Background

I am in the process of studying for my final exams of my last undergraduate Fall semester, and while I’m luckier than others (only two final exams and one term paper), I still have a lot to be done in one week. 

And of course,I love music so much that I cannot study without it. Growing up, my mother used to blame my bad math grades on the fact that I used to sing at the top of my lungs while solving the problems, but thankfully once I got to college, she got used to my quirky study habits- which no, I haven’t outgrown.

I created a special playlist on my Songbird Player just for this wonderful *insert sarcasm* period in hopes that a)I would have a wider choice of music to select since I usually prefer two or three songs and keep listening to them over and over again and b) I would motivate myself to study and not just sing so loudly my family would have to yell at me.

No such luck.

Out of the 91 songs on that playlist, I will admit that I’ve only heard one- Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars ft Kanye West, a song that I wished I had discovered once it was released, and in true me-mode, I am this close to memorizing the lyrics and getting to know everything about the background of that song. 

I should really be studying- but I’m not.