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Yesterday, I posted the original video clip to 30 Seconds To Mars’ Hurricane, not knowing that it contained a lot of images and references that have caused it to be banned from the music televisions. Blame my internet speed on not letting me watch the 13 minute video before posting.

The cinematography is amazing and  Jared Leto’s direction is fantastic. I can really understand the weirdness of the whole video, though I don’t really think one could figure out the link between the clip and the song instantly.

I can’t post it here because of a little something called morality and beliefs. SORA is all about creativity and inspiration but the themes are a bit too much for the average reader. To be honest, I only watched it out of extreme curiosity, and you know what they say

Curiosity killed the cat

I couldn’t pass up on sharing the song however because I have been totally obsessed with it this weekend- especially after seeing the Europe Music Award performance with Kanye West. This is a slightly acoustic version that I really liked but nothing beats the original, or even the version with West.

If you really want to see the video, both censored and uncensored versions are wildly available on youtube, and so are the various interpretations of it.