The name says it all, My life is a random Adventure-which I will Share with you. Online Marketing
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A Random Note From The Random Universe

With my graduate school applications out of the way, and the waiting period starting, all I have now are a bunch of exams, my senior seminar (which at the moment is lacking direction), and a lot of following up with high school students to prepare and finish for before I graduate in June.

I’ve also started job hunting because according to my parents, I should always have a plan to fall back on- especially that being my unconventional self, I didn’t apply to graduate school at AUB (where I’m a current student) because the program doesn’t seem to be to my liking. 

Well, it’s not that easy finding a job for an Environmental/Public Health specialist in a country where everyone is groomed to be the next doctor, engineer, or businessman- things I’ll never be, things I never wanted to be.

I’m on the verge of graduating and I still get the “look” from people when I tell them about my major, my future plans, and my long-term ambitions. 

But there’s nothing wrong with not sticking to conventions- at least in mind, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of unwarranted criticism,  but I think I’m ready for this new period of my life.